Top Russian Bank Sberbank Plans To Launch Its Stablecoin By Spring 2021

Sberbank, Russia’s largest state-owned bank, allegedly sent an application to the Bank of Russie to launch the “Sbercoin” stablecoin blockchain network. On Jan. 21, at a local financial event, the Russian news agency Interfax reports Sergey Popov, head of the Sberbank Transaction Company. On Jan. 21, at a local financial event, the Russian news agency […]

Why Are Whales Continuing To Buy Bitcoins?

In this world, there is an existence of monopolies to the greatest extent. Be it any sector, there will always be the presence of a single person or an organization that would be controlling the entire gamut of functioning of that sector. Be it automobiles or share market, there would always be a certain activities […]

Crypto Education Is Key To Curbing Phishing Scams

When technology hits, it does bring some drawbacks with it. The Crypto industry is such an industry that brought technological advancement with itself and brings internet hazards. The crypto industry’s issues are security scams like phishing emails to users which redirect to a fake website. The scams were so high level that it stirred fear […]

Major Indian Exchange Proposes A New Regulatory Framework To Avoid A Crypto Ban

Cryptocurrency has been in India for many years, and people have been interested in the currency. The concept of Bitcoin was new and was appreciated by the Government.  BUYUCoin has established its system to govern cryptocurrency in India, claiming to have the cooperation of “all Indian Cryptocurrency stakes.” But the stakeholders that helped create the […]

Indians Apply for Binance Build for Bharat Blockchain Accelerator Program

Although Indian administration and the Indian government has not made any special comment or statement about the use or misuse of blockchain technology, businesses all around the world are targeting India for development of Blockchain Technology. In an effort made by Binance, it has been planning a Hackathon in India for the accelerator program in […]

Donald Trump Says That He Would Start Looking At Pardoning Snowden

This contains everything about whatever the US President Mr. Donald Trump said regarding the allowance of Edward Snowden for returning from his banishment of 7 years in Russia. On August 15 Reuters came up with a report stating that Donald Trump said that he would be going to look for plausible mercy for the man […]

Illegal mining in the Republic of Abkhazia is booming

Despite the ban, the Republic also permits the manufacture of crypto-mining machinery. While crypto mining activity has been illegal since 2018, the Republic of Abkhazia is experiencing an increase in crypto mining activity. Customs estimates that $589,000 have reached the border over the last six months for mining equipment. The importation of crypto mining plants […]