New Australian Islamic Finance Defi Platform Is ‘Guided By Sharia’!

Islamic finance has not always been like-minded with the focus of DeFi on risk and profit, but it seems like a new platform is now aiming to blend the best of both platforms. A team that is Sydney-based is no building something that claims that it is going to be the first shariah guided of the world. This is a decentralized platform of finance that will navigate a course by including the advantages of the DeFi along with the principles of the finance of Islamic country.

You might not be aware of the thing that Marhaba decentralized financial platform is going to be launched in the upcoming months, and it is seeking to offer the Islamic countries a decentralized finance platform that is conversant with the core canons of the shariah.

When speaking to the platform of coin telegraph, the chief innovation of the blockchain Australia and the Marhaba’s CEO and founder, Naquib Mohammed, has stated that a core belief of the shariah based finance will ensure that the financial body which is providing the service and the clients both win in the transaction that they are making.

Earlier in the year 202, Naquib Mohammed founded Spherium, which was the enterprise-focused platform, and now he is focusing on designing a platform that serves the 2 billion Muslim population of the world. He also noted that the team of Marhaba is done with all the research into the various insolements of the different Arabic communities which are related to cryptocurrencies.

As you know that while most of the projects related to cryptocurrency are started with the tinkering of the test net and seeking out help from the members who are talented on social media, meanwhile Marhaba has started its journey with Naquib Mohammed, looking for respected intellectuals of Islamic who also have the knowledge about the cryptocurrency world and who believe that the dispersed finance can be handled in a way so that it relates to the thoughts and beliefs of shariah.

It is essential for you to understand the fact that according to the Islamic concept riba, it prohibits the use of high-interest loans and aggressive byproducts. In this concept, the truncation that is related to gambling and the things which pose a higher risk or doubts are also expelled. He said that the Marhaba would appoint a team of all the highly qualified in-house shariah advisers for ensuring that the products and tokens that are reinforced by the platform are shariah guided or not.

Why Are Whales Continuing To Buy Bitcoins?

In this world, there is an existence of monopolies to the greatest extent. Be it any sector, there will always be the presence of a single person or an organization that would be controlling the entire gamut of functioning of that sector. Be it automobiles or share market, there would always be a certain activities which would be able to enforce the functioning of the entire range of activities. In such a situation, there is a further need to see how these bigger entities would be able to regulate the functioning of different activities.

According to the researchers, Bitcoin’s valuation of some $647 million potentially was moved from tiny to major addresses. Are addresses with an estimated value of over 1.000 BTCs or higher? Addresses of more than 1,000 BTCs are known as whales by many experts, since 1.000 BTC is equal to more than $27 million with the present price of $27,100.

Bitcoins can be used for the anonymous purchase of products. Moreover, foreign payments are simple and cheap since bitcoins are not connected or regulated by any government. Small companies may like them, as no credit card charges are available. Some people buy Bitcoins only as a gamble, hoping they will increase their value.

Next, whales might think the conceptual barrier of $30,000 breaks down after Bitcoin’s overextended rally. If so, $36,000 is likely to be an early goal, according to data from options. Secondly, aside from the CME deficit and the high futures market financing costs, there is no reasonable cause to expect a significant correction. But if Bitcoin consolidates following each rally, the funding rate will presumably normalise, as seen over the past some time. If so, the demand for options is less overrated, which increases the chance of a new rally. A “Byzantine General” pseudonymous trader has reported that the market actually has inconsistent signals.

The phenomenon which has been explained above is also prevalent in Bitcoins. There are certain big traders and corporations who can regulate the function of demand and supply to a larger extent. Certain big entities and corporations are in the position to regulate the functioning of the valuation of this digital currency. This currency can have its sky-rocketing valuations only because of the action of these big bulls. They are known whales of bitcoins.

There have been many studies around which have tried to focus on the reasons as to why these whales buy so many stocks online. The reasons have been recorded as follows:

When it comes to the high pricing of the bitcoin, without any doubt, there is a need to keep the market in high values always. The whales always try to keep the bitcoin market in an upflow.

Since Christmas, on-chain data reveal that Bitcoin (BTC) whales are purchasing more. This suggests that BTC’s production is already absorbed by high-net value holders.

The isolation of institutional investors from individual investors by chain data is virtually impossible. However, the trend reveals that, after its rally, buyers with massive resources reach the Bitcoin market more and more.

Inflows To Canadian Bitcoin Etfs Hit An All-time High: Glassnode

According to recent statistics, Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) holdings in Canada have reached all-time highs, while spot-based products are blazing a path.

Since January, Canadian Bitcoin ETFs have added 6,594 Bitcoin (BTC) to their portfolios, bringing the total number of BTC held to an all-time high of 69,052.

According to, the Purpose Bitcoin ETF saw the largest rise in holdings within that period, rising 18.7% to 35,000 BTC online.

An ETF is an exchange-traded fund that allows investors to bet on the value of a property without actually owning the assets. The Purpose Bitcoin ETF is a Bitcoin ETF that manages around $1.68 billion in assets. Despite the fact that there is presently no Bitcoin ETF available in the United States, evidence suggests that investors are eager for the Canadian offering.

In its most recent Week OnChain report, Glassnode, a blockchain analytics startup, stated that the crypto exchange discharge price would reach a monthly high of 96,200 BTC in 2022.

Since roughly mid-March, Bitcoin has been steadily increasing in value. The most active collectors have been rumored shrimps and whales. Shrimps are capitalists who own 0 to 100 BTC, whereas whales own 1,000 to 10,000 BTC.

With just 2 million BTC scheduled to be extracted since the 19 millionth coin was pulled on April 1, Bitcoin scarcity is becoming a big concern as governments, organizations, and individuals encourage and invest in the cryptocurrency.

“The scarcity as well as appealing character of Bitcoin as security may well be returning to the spotlight once more,” Glassnode added.

New To Crypto Trading? Here Are 5 Tips On How To Start 2022 On The Right Foot

Irrespective of your experience in trading, nobody can rule the price swings of the market. The volatility of BTC is the standard measure of the daily fluctuations, which stands at 64% annualized. However, the same metric for S&P 500 is at 17%, while the volatility expectation for crude oil is at 54%. To avoid the psychological impact, here are a few tactics that do not require any additional tools but help massively in making trading accurate and predictive.

  • Do not withdraw your money in less than 2 years from the market irrespective of the dips or growths. Suppose you have $5,000 to invest. You may need $2,000 out of that amount for any emergency in the year. In such cases, the worst thing you can do is completely allocate to crypto as here you will end up selling your position at the worst time, even during the cycle bottom. There is also a risk of impairment losses if you proceed to use decentralized finance. Thus a two-year vesting period in crypto is essential.
  • Follow the dollar cost average strategy as it can help you buy the same dollar amount every week or month regardless of the market’s fluctuations. Suppose you buy $200 every Monday evening for a year. Here you need not worry about the position often. To sum up, avoid buying all your positions together in less than three or four weeks.
  • While conducting analysis, there are different metrics that can interest different indications of the market. The best traders know the importance of picking out only the best indicators. The key is to settle for only one instead of running after five different indicators and making wrong investments.
  • During any bad times in the market, step aside for a couple of days. Even if the psychological impact is massive, it is always better to wait, even during a lucrative opportunity. The goal is to stick to it the longest.
  • Avoid selling the winners and invest more in those. Hold the most profitable positions in the market, and the returns will be incredible over time.

This investment advice can be helpful in having a better view of the market, especially for beginners. However, the is no right or wrong here. Avoid trusting the influencers for the market as nobody can precisely anticipate the upcoming fall or rise in the market.

Top Russian Bank Sberbank Plans To Launch Its Stablecoin By Spring 2021

Sberbank, Russia’s largest state-owned bank, allegedly sent an application to the Bank of Russie to launch the “Sbercoin” stablecoin blockchain network. On Jan. 21, at a local financial event, the Russian news agency Interfax reports Sergey Popov, head of the Sberbank Transaction Company.

On Jan. 21, at a local financial event, the Russian news agency Interfax reports Sergey Popov, head of the Sberbank Transaction Company. Popov clarified that Sberbank used the central bank in early January, adding that the registration process normally requires no more than 45 days. Therefore, this year, by the spring, the Bank will introduce its website and stablecoin. Sberbank continues to evolve, however, how to tax Sbercoin:

Popov said that Sberbank is so technologically prepared to work with such a fiat currency.It was an internal test that we completed to make sure that the solution works,he said. Cointelegraph’s call for comment was not promptly answered by Sberbank.

As reported earlier, Sberbank broke the news in November after long-term rumours about its native Sbercoin token. The new Sberbank statement came just after Russia formally passed “On Digital Financial Assets” on 1 January 2021.

Anatoly Aksakov, a Russian State Duma member, said in late 2020 that a new crypto-law in Russia is set to grow by the US Duma Committee on Financial Markets. The Bank made its correspondent submissions to the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) before January Anatoly Popov, Sberbank’s deputy chairman, during an interview with 1prize.

It is hoped that the executive would authorise the application of his bank by the CBR, in accordance with the crypto legislation in force in Russia on January 1. The token was a stablecoin added to the ruble by Popov:

On the planned startup, Sberbank is of the opinion that in the spring of 2021 it will be possible to launch stablecoin. But this was not the first time that Popov suggested that a ruble-pested stablecoin could be released. In 2020, Popov and Sberbank’s Chief, Herman Gref, addressed the possibility of introducing the “sentiment tool” for other digital properties.

Sberbank unveiled its early proposals for the crypto-industry, in advance of the crypto-regulation in Russia. The Russian heavyweight bank considered beginning its stablecoin by partnering with JPMorgan, as stated in December 2020. However, no note was made of JPMorgan’s participation in the project during the interview with Popov.

Sberbank also showed that it planned to create its own blockchain platform that offers digital financial asset purchase services.

Crypto Education Is Key To Curbing Phishing Scams

When technology hits, it does bring some drawbacks with it. The Crypto industry is such an industry that brought technological advancement with itself and brings internet hazards. The crypto industry’s issues are security scams like phishing emails to users which redirect to a fake website. The scams were so high level that it stirred fear among traders, financials, and other economists.

 Can customers be blamed?

It is very obvious that if the customers do not keep their wallets updated with the new safety technologies updated by the companies. Phishing affects customers in the crypto rooms and can affect or scam customers via any online payment mode.

To save the assets and increase the security of the payment system, customers need to be very careful while playing online. The buyer should be very careful while reading the terms and conditions of online payment. The relationship between a customer and a company should be shared. That means both of them should be very well aware of the shortcomings and the hazards of online payments. Hence, no one should be blamed for any mishap. To ensure the utmost safety, Jevans has laid some basic rules:

  • You should never click on a ledger link unless instructed by the company or the seller.
  • Two-factor authentication should be provided by the sellers.
  • Users need to provide the ledger URL themselves rather than clicking the ledger link available on the page.
  • Never share your information with third-party links unless the companies ask you to.


Role of crypto education in curbing scams

Even though digital currencies are progressive regarding the plan and mechanical potential, they are unfamiliar to most. Nonetheless, by ensuring individuals’ money-related self-power, innovation has also troubled them with a lot of moral duty, particularly individual monetary security. Subsequently, it makes sense that organizations in the blockchain and digital currency space need to teach their clients about their safety efforts’ outcomes.

Rusnák accepts the business has far to go with regards to security. He brought up that various organizations working in this field today will, in general, make incredible improvements such as Your coins are protected because your wallet has a safe component”, or, “Your coins are protected as our trade is insured added: “This doesn’t help on the issue as individuals think some falsehood and they stay exposed.”

Measurably, around 85% to 90% of digital money owners appear to succumb to visit crypto robbery frameworks, which, as indicated by crypto experts, will, in general, be phony venture tricks instead of phishing traps. Along these lines, Jevans accepts that the significant equipment wallet administrators should tell their clients about their foundation what to pay special mind to in phishing endeavors, particularly when these tricks summon the merchant’s name.

The Possible Effect On The Price Of Bitcoin After The US Presidential Election

The 2020 United States Presidential election is not far away. As a result, two cryptocurrency traders tweeted about their predictions on the change of the price of Bitcoin with respect to the occurrence of the election. A trader with the username “BigCheds” has to say that after they get a clear winner and a smooth shift of power, there are great chances of no effect in the price of one Bitcoin. “BigCheds” also added that on the other side, in case they get a contested and/or close election, there are chances of seeing a bounce in risk-off assets such as gold and bitcoin.

The 2020 “Presidential Election” will be Different

This time the Presidential election is going to be special due to this crazy 2020, and as a result, there will be various points remaining at play. Another trader with username “CryptoWendyO” made the statement that this year is definitely gonna be a lot different for the elections considering what has been seen in the previous days for the COVID-19 pandemic and the global economy showing a great downfall.

She also added to this that amid a pandemic like Covid-19, one could easily assume that BTC would pump because of the financial market instability, but it is not yet coming into vision.

Twitter is Full of Political Stuff Now

The cryptocurrency section in Twitter is now full of political discussions these days leading to the 2020 “presidential election” that will be held in the next month of November. The event is gonna be accompanied by major pandemic scares, economic issues, and also business failures.

More Statements from WendyO

WendyO also stated that this year the tensions related to the election is higher than ever and the markets lack incoming money. She is very unsure about that to take place this year as 2020 has already come to an end and also the middle-class ones are still hanging on to their capital.

The Government stimulus money also plays into the equation, with the present administration breaking down to go to a point on further economic support.

Both crypto and the conventional markets have shown their responses to the news, which states that the president had made a decision to delay more stimulus talks until the presidential election is getting over.

She Further Explains

WendyO has come up with more explanation regarding this. She has to say that after the election is over, they might get an idea regarding the time of opening up of the economy. She believes that a change will soon be seen in the price of Bitcoin, and she chooses to remain hopeful about this. However, the current price action should be focused on at present. Thus, she highlighted the struggle of Bitcoin to break decisively and carry over weekly chart resistance levels.

The main thing here is that the price of Bitcoin recently went back to its former state of over 11000 USD, a ray of sunshine.

Major Indian Exchange Proposes A New Regulatory Framework To Avoid A Crypto Ban

Cryptocurrency has been in India for many years, and people have been interested in the currency. The concept of Bitcoin was new and was appreciated by the Government. 

BUYUCoin has established its system to govern cryptocurrency in India, claiming to have the cooperation of “all Indian Cryptocurrency stakes.” But the stakeholders that helped create the system or ‘sandbox,’ that is officially published on October 2, are not yet visible.

The system was defined by BuyUCoin, which has over 350,000 users and manages billions of dollar operations as draught laws, proposals, and methods.

The Indian Government will be presented with the structure. It is following the Indian Supreme Court’s inability in March to bar circular banks and other financial institutions from engaging with crypto companies by the Reserve Bank of India. Last week, Bloomberg reported that the Indian administration intended to implement a new proposal to ban the trade in cryptocurrencies during the Monsoon Session.

“This is the first achievement of a long journey to make crypto-monetary masses available,” said Shivam Thakral, BuyUCoin ‘s CEO and co-founder.

“There is the feedback of crypto experts and business stakeholders in this bill for the sandbox, which will not only help the government make legislation but will also direct start-ups and young companies into this thriving industry.”

Cointelegraph asked BuyUCoin to find out which stakeholders were concerned and revised the story after reacting.

Charles Bovaird, Vice-President of Quantum Economics and Forbes Senior Contributor, praised the new sandbox.

“The ban on crypto commerce would lead to India slipping behind other permissible nations. The industry players will apply the much-needed crypto legislation in the country by lobbying the Indian authorities.

Separately, Crypto Kanoon, the law firm Indian blockchain, tried to create a possible crypto prohibition in 1953 instead of the nation’s prohibition of trade in derivatives that had permanent adverse effects on the financial sector.

‘The Government shouldn’t replicate the error. The first step in the right direction will be to control cryptocurrencies as commodities,’ said co-Founder Kashif Raza in a Hindi language video posted on Twitter. 

Raza points out that the commodity trade did not end after the prohibition during those 50 years. Rather, private players executed it unlawfully. For crypto, the same thing could happen. It is the effort and dedication of so many years that is going to

The longer we keep the legal system, the longer we go back in time and allow mafias access to illegal activities.

BuyUCoin launches the first draught of the sandbox on October 2, 2020, which can be viewed on You can get to know the minutest details and everything about the norms and regulations that will be forwarded by the Government. There will be no ban on the procedures, but it is also being said that one can only deal in the bitcoins with prior permission.

It will be a quick action to avoid any kind of illegal practices, and hence the Government will be keeping a keen eye on all the transactions. 

Indians Apply for Binance Build for Bharat Blockchain Accelerator Program

Although Indian administration and the Indian government has not made any special comment or statement about the use or misuse of blockchain technology, businesses all around the world are targeting India for development of Blockchain Technology. In an effort made by Binance, it has been planning a Hackathon in India for the accelerator program in Blockchain technology.

Although the Prime Minister of India has positive things to say about Blockchain technology and crypto technology, many believe that the environment in India is not appropriate to start the blockchain technology. Companies and businesses around the world are eyeing positive regulation from India on blockchain technology. India is a country with a large population, and the introduction of blockchain technology will certainly improve the way Indian markets operate.

What’s the new program by Binance:

Binance has targeted the tech folks in India to participate in the new DeFi hackathon. Binance is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world, and its program is launched by the name “Build for Bharat”. This is a two-fold program that is focussed towards a hackathon as well as an accelerator program. The main purpose of this program is to encourage the mass adoption of blockchain technology in India. As per Finance, it is important to bridge the gap between the adoption of bitcoin technology and the acceptance of technology by mass in India.

Hackathon and Accelerator program:

This new opportunity is brought by Binance and WazirX, and it is created to help traders, builders, creators, and innovators in India. Both Binance and WazirX are focussed towards strengthening the blockchain ecosystem in India. They started the program together initially. But, later on, many other sponsors joined them.

As per the official information, this program will expand up to three months, and it is divided into three different groups.

These three groups include:


The Genesis program will begin on August 24, and the application will be accepted from 100 teams, and it will be sorted by September 2020.


The trial phase will start on September 11, and it will get completed by September 30. Under this phase, different meetups and qualifier rounds will be set up.


In this phase, mentoring sessions will be held with the performance evaluation of teams. This phase will last until October 30.

The result of the top 5 winners will be announced after the conclusion of all these phases. If you are interested in the hackathon by Binance, join and register soon.

Donald Trump Says That He Would Start Looking At Pardoning Snowden

This contains everything about whatever the US President Mr. Donald Trump said regarding the allowance of Edward Snowden for returning from his banishment of 7 years in Russia.

On August 15 Reuters came up with a report stating that Donald Trump said that he would be going to look for plausible mercy for the man named Edward Snowden who has been kept in an asylum in Russia after he left the United Nations 7 years ago, that is the year 2013.

What Snowden has to Say?

To this statement, Edward Snowden said that the last time they heard about considering mercy was back in 2016. He says that it was the same time when the one and the same Attorney General once charging him admitted that his (Snowden) job in disclosing the unconstitutional order of mass-surveillance of the NSA had been a public work.

Section 2 of the “US Constitution” says that a sitting President can hold the power to allow pardons and reprieves for works done against the country. Edward Snowden still experiences the federal allegations for the violation of the 1917 “Espionage Act” and robbery of the Government property.

In case Trump is calling for this authority, it would be turning the previous contractor of the National Security Agency, the 26th person the President has shown mercy since taking his office in January 2017.

Snowden Outspoken on CryptoCurrency

From the time he was sent in Russia to exile, Edward Snowden has shown his massive quantity of interest he holds inside towards Bitcoin (BTC). He even vocalized his concerns over its blockchain as catastrophically public.

In the year 2013, the servers Edward Snowden used for leaking numerous documents to the reporters were paid for the usage of Bitcoin, as reports say. Along with this statement, he also added that he had a feeling of purchasing Bitcoin at the time of the March downturn during the price drop of the coin to 3782 USD.

In the last year, Edward Snowden had thrown some light on the fact that he might turn his head towards cryptocurrency for avoiding the USA Government’s trial for stopping his permit to profits coming after publishing his book, as per Permanent Record. A Magistrate Judge of the US ruled for initiating access to Snowden over the book series of him on 7th August making a statement that he had clearly made a move in bad faith.