Blockchain Can Disrupt Higher Education Today, Global Labor Market Tomorrow

Blockchain is replacing everything today and so does the education system. It is no brainer that the education and credential system is imbalanced today. Everyone is doing multiple diplomas and degrees. But what about other forms of experience? If someone has worked or given his or her 15 years to a profession there has to […]

CTFC Chairman Outlines His Vision for Crypto Regulations

The chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Heath Tarbert, writing in the Harvard Business Law Review earlier this week, called for an approach that is less impeding towards cryptocurrency regulations.   In the elaborate article, the financial regulator published a set of principles that emphasized the need for regulatory bodies to pursue crypto regulations […]

India’s Rumoured Crypto Ban May Be Overblown

Recently, a highly reputed Indian news website created a stir in India’s cryptocurrency world with its articles titled ‘With a law, India plans lasting ban on crypto.’ The article didn’t mention any names from India’s finance ministry backing their claim but cited getting the information from a ‘senior government official.’ It said that a memo […]